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FRAME, French Regional American Museums Exchange

Created in 1999, FRAME is a unique grouping of museums. The mission of this bilateral network, which brings together American and regional French museums, is to encourage the circulation and exchange of artworks, information, ideas, technologies and resources. It aims to develop dialogue between these establishments regarding exhibitions and multimedia creations.

Two grand exhibitions programmed in 2001-2002 met with an immense success on both sides of the Atlantic: “Made in USA, l’art américain de 1908 à 1947” shown in Bordeaux, Rennes and Montpellier (12 April – 23 June 2002) ( link to the exhibition ). “Symboles sacrés, quatre mille ans d’art des Amériques” (Sacred Symbols, 4000 years of the art of the Americas) examining American art from pre-Columbian civilisations to the art of the American Indians, was shown in Montpellier (17 July – 29 September 2002) then Rouens, Lyon, Rennes and Minneapolis ( link to the exhibition ).

The Musée Fabre actively participates in this network by organising the exhibition “Bonjour Monsieur Courbet! Masterpieces of French Art from the Bruyas Collection of the musée Fabre, Montpellier” ( link to the exhibition ) shown in Richmond, Williamstown, Dallas and San Francisco during the period 2004-2005. The American public discovered masterpieces by Delacroix, Cabanel and Courbet, including the famous La Rencontre, Bonjour Monsieur Courbet! The Musée Fabre was the co-organiser of the exhibition “The triumph of French painting” which was held in Portland in 2003-2004.

In 2007 the exhibition “L’impressionisme de France et d’Amerique” ( link to the exhibition ) gathered together masterpieces by Degas, Monet, Sisley, Renoir… from French and American museums. Shown in Grenoble and Montpellier it was one of the first public successes for the newly re-opened Musée Fabre and achieved an attendance record for a FRAME exhibition (140,000 visitors in Montpellier).

The Musée Fabre is engaged in a partnership with the Clark Institute in Williamstown for two educational projects financed by FRAME with the support of the Annenberg Foundation. The first aims to develop and improve the reception of family visits through the organisation of a simultaneous Family Day on either side of the Atlantic. The second associates, for the first time, learning a foreign language with a visit to a museum: just as American students could learn French whilst discovering French painters at the Clark Institute so too could French students discover the Musée Fabre collections in English.

Members of the FRAME network:

American Museums:

  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California :
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota :
  • Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis, Missouri :
  • Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Francisco, California :
  • Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts :

French Museums:

  • Musées de Marseille, Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur :
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, Rennes, Bretagne :