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Capture 11

This interface allows you to define the criteria for your search.

1- Enter the search terms here.

The way you input the terms determines how they will be interpreted for the search:

- Enter a term. The search will find the term you entered, or other words that contain the term (example: "curve" will find "curve", "curves", "curved", etc.).
- Enter a term with "?". This "wild card" approach allows you to search for a term when you are not sure of the spelling (example: Bru?as will find results including Bruyas, brulas, etc.).
- The search will take into account all terms entered in the field, using the "OR" combination (term1 OR term2).

2- These two buttons are used to perform the search and display the results ("Search") or clear the entry fields to start a new search ("Clear").


Capture 5c

The results are displayed in a list.

1- This tool allows you to select certain results (by checking the box) and view them in detailed mode.

You can page through all the listings by clicking on "Next page" and "Previous page".

2- This functionality, available only on the Internet site, allows you to print a page with the selected results.

3- This functionality, available only on the Internet site, allows you to send the selected results by e-mail. Simply enter the e-mail address of the recipient.

4- Clicking this button adds the selected results to your basket. (The basket is explained under the heading "Tools".)

5- This zone displays the criteria used for the search.

6- This zone allows you to sort the displayed results according to a specified attribute, in increasing or decreasing order.

7- Each result has :

- A sequence number. Click the sequence number to display the information for the work.
- A checkbox that allows you to select this result for certain operations.
- An icon indicating that the work is considered "Fine Arts" (artistic works) or "bibliographic" (textual works).
- A summary.

Please refer to the help topics for each type of work (works of art, textual works).