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Nursery and elementary schools

Maternelles © Musée Fabre / Montpellier Agglomération

The whole program of these activities as well as the conditions of inscription are to be download.


*Discover the Musée Fabre
My first visit to the museum (cycle1)
What is a museum ? (cycle 2 and 3)

*Explore the permanent collections: the sources of inspiration
Fabulous creatures (cycle 2)
Myths and metamorphosis (cycle 3)

*Explore the permanent collections: the techniques
Once upon a time were the colours (cycle 1)
Colours colours (cycle 2)

The colours of black [series of 5 sessions] (cycle 2)
Pierre Soulages and the noir-lumière (cycle 2)
How is paint a picture ? (cycle 2 and 3)
Sculptures as tall as me (cycle 1)

The sculptures, hollows and bumps (cycle 2)

*Explore the permanent collections: a thematic approaches
The role of light (cycle 3)
The portrait (cycle 2 and 3)
Portrait-puzzle (nursery schools, children under 6)
The five senses (cycle 2)
Experiencing the senses (cycle 3)

*Explore the permanent collections: close-up on an artwork and its artist
Daniel Buren and La Portée (nursery schools)
Simon Hantaï and the folding (cycle 2 and 3)
Meeting with Pierre Soulages (cycle 3)


The painting, eye in eye (cycle 2 and 3)
A glance on monumentality (CP, CE1 and cycle 3)

*Multimedia workshops
Meeting with Gustave Courbet (primary schools)

*Combined workshops
Following a short tour, these workshops combine numeric arts and plastic arts (cycle 2 and 3)
Fragments of water
Let's go green
Drôles de bébêtes ! (Funny creepy crawlies !)
Around Soulages
Around Viallat

Cycle 1 : petite et moyenne section maternelle/ nursery school (under 5)
Cycle 2 : grande section maternelle, CP et CE1/ primary school (from 5 to 7)
Cycle 3 : CE2, CM1 et CM2/ primary school (from 8 to 10)

Practical informations

Free entrance for schools and community centres from Montpellier Agglomeration;
30 € subscription for schools outside Montpellier Agglomeration. It gives unlimited access to the groups of the establishment.

Download the agenda

Visits must be booked in advance