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Hall d'accueil © Musée Fabre / Montpellier Agglomération Cour Vien © Musée Fabre / Montpellier Agglomération

The Musée Fabre has two spaces available outside of opening hours, the Buren Hall and the Richier Atrium, for morning or evening events. They can accommodate up to 400 people, in an avant-garde, elegant architectural environment, and are perfect for prestigious events.

> Buren Hall

capacity 400
Half-day (morning or evening) and full day

The vertical bands of La portée by Daniel Buren guide you in the courtyard of the Musée Fabre to the entry hall where your event will take place. Carved from Carrara marble and Chinese black granite, this contemporary piece accompanies you at the entrance to the collections. The vast 200 m² vestibule features a stark elegance in a strong architectural statement by the team in charge of the Musée Fabre renovation.

> Richier Atrium

capacity 200
Half-day (morning or evening) and full day

At the very centre of the original Musée Fabre, from which later buildings radiate out to create the museum as it now stands, the Richier Atrium was once an open courtyard of the18th century Massillian House. The staging of the atrium gives this 200 m2 space a magical feel, with its perfect balance between past, present and future.

Information and reservations

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