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Deaf and hard of hearing visitors

Visiteur en situation d'handicap auditif © Musée Fabre / Montpellier Agglomération

Enjoy our interpretive systems

Induction Loops
Induction loops are available in many locations throughout the museum. Induction loops help hearing-aid users hear a sound source more clearly, in particular at the ticket counter, the information counter, in the permanent collection rooms and the temporary exhibit room.

Specific signage located at various points throughout the museum direct users on a chronological path through the rooms and the permanent collections.


In the main hall, the public computers in the multimedia gallery provide lots of information about the museum so you can plan your visit according to your interests, and print out a customized guide. Interpretative rooms are placed throughout the permanent collection area, where you can take a break and learn more about the artwork, the artists and the donors, using public computers and reference works.

Audio guides are available for rental in the main hall. Induction loops are available at the information counter. There are several types of tours on offer: 50 works for children, 150 works in the permanent collection for adults and 20 texts by famous visitors who provide commentary on the collections.

Guided tours and workshops

French sign-language guided tours are available for deaf visitors. Art workshops where participants learn about materials and techniques help people appreciate the artwork in the permanent collections.

The auditorium is equipped with induction loops so hearing-aid users can enjoy certain programs, films and conferences. We recommend calling to obtain information from visitor services or the information counter.

Planning a group visit

For groups who would like to be accompanied in the exhibit areas, please contact visitor services in advance.

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