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Blind or visually impaired visitors

Handicap visuel © Musée Fabre / Montpellier Agglomération

Enjoy our interpretive systems

Information stands
Stands located throughout the museum identify the theme and the room number in Braille. At certain stands, notebooks are available containing Braille and large print descriptions of the theme of the room and a list of artists. Details about the more remarkable architectural features of the building are also provided.

Audio guides are available for rental in the main hall. There are several types of tours on offer: 50 works for children, 150 works in the permanent collection for adults and 20 texts by famous visitors who provide commentary on the collections.

Guided and theme-based tours and workshops

Most of the guided tours are available for the blind and visually impaired. The tours that provide a musical or movement-oriented approach are highly recommended.
Workshops where participants handle materials, models and objects help them understand artistic techniques and appreciate the artwork. Information about tours and workshops is available from visitor services or at the information counter.

Planning a group visit

For groups who would like to be accompanied in the exhibit areas, please contact visitor services in advance.


All of the information available in Braille and large print can be downloaded on the Musée Fabre website. This enables visitors to plan their trip to the museum and learn more about the artwork after their visit.

En savoir plus

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