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Selected works

Sale of the Thuile collection

Vente Thuile temporaire © DR

The museum chose to focus on a set representative of the diversity and the quality of the Languedoc productions. Among the plates for example, one can find bath and table objects such as the soapball and spongeball set by Jean Bellon, Montpellier (1771-1772) or the side-handled pot of the master goldsmith Paul David Bazille received in 1776.

The most exceptional piece is without doubt the silver-gilt rattle made by the son of the latter, Marc David Pascal Bazille, who shows this rattle as a pasterpiece for his admission to the corporation of Montpellier on July 6, 1782.
A unique ceramic fulfills this set. Its rural decor inspired by the Astree is a confirmed motif of the Montpellier workshops and can be seen also on the pavement tiles acquired in 2005
These acquisitions enrich greatly the decorative arts department of the musée Fabre, as this collection was probably the greatest set of Montpellier plate and earthenware still in private hands.