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From Raphael to Degas: Pintura, dibujo y escultura del Museo Fabre de Montpellier

Peinture, De rafael a degas © Musée Fabre / Montpellier Agglomération

19 April 2005 - 23 July 2005

Spain: Madrid, Bilbao.

Today's cultural institutions are constantly looking for new ways to open their collections to the widest possible public, to innovate and reflect new movements, to engage in constantly-changing, living dialogues.

In this spirit, Juan Luna, curator-in-chief at the Prado in Madrid, has chosen to take advantage of the Musée Fabre's period of closure to highlight the museum's rich collections of European paintings, with a selection of its finest works representing the various European schools: Italy with Veronese's Mystic Marriage of St Catherine, Domenichino, Cigoli, Bernini, and Piazzetta… Spain, with Ribera's St Mary of Egypt and two moving works by Zurbaran, The Angel Gabriel and St Agatha. The northern European schools are represented by Steen, Dou, Teniers, Rubens and Metsu, and the French school by Poussin, Aved, Greuze, Ranc, Delacroix, Courbet, and Bazille. The exhibition's curators pay a special tribute to François-Xavier Fabre, the Montpellier-born Neoclassical painter and pupil of David who founded the museum in 1828. the exhibition also aims to highlight the rich variety of the Musée Fabre's collections with a small group of exceptional sculptures, including Houdon's Seated Figure of Voltaire, and Canova's Muse. A group of ten drawings also testifies to the museum's remarkable collection of graphic works: Raphael, Le Sueur, Bourdon, Le Brun, Tiepolo, Fabre, Géricault etc – one of the finest provincial collections in France, together with those of Lille, Dijon and Rouen.