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Claudio Parmiggiani: Shadow sculpture

29 March 2002 - 29 September 2002

Claudio Parmiggiani is one of the finest Italian artists of his generation. Born in 1943, his poetic, universal artistic language has established a lasting presence above and beyond the ephemeral trends embraced by the art world throughout so much of his career.

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Alain Clément: Recent Works, 1996-2001

30 November 2001 - 9 February 2001

Born in 1941, Alain Clément settled in Languedoc in the 1960s. His flamboyant, rigorous approach to abstract painting has been developed over the past four decades, with large-scale works combining expressionism and compositional elements, a strong visual appeal, sensitivity and structural power.

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Sketches for a museum: designs for the new Musée Fabre

12 July 2001 - 22 September 2001

Computer-generated images, models, sections, axonometric projections: architects Olivier Brochet, Emmanuel Lajus, Christine Pueyo and Emmanuel Nebout deploy the full panoply of media to present their designs for the future Musée Fabre.

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Work in Progress: François Morellet - Discretion

27 June 2001 - 20 October 2001

Born in 1926, François Morellet is a leading figure in French abstract art. A founder member of the Groupe de Recherche et d'Actions Visuelles (GRAV) [la Grove Dictionary of Art], he turned early in his career – and before the American Minimalists – to a luminous exploration of line, the nature of the frame, and the nature of the picture itself.

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Work in Progress: Georges Rousse and Hugues Reip

15 June 2001 - 20 October 2001

The restructuring of the Musée Fabre represents a major cultural challenge for the City of Montpellier, involving the full-scale remodelling of a complex, much-loved building, steeped in history.

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Frédéric Bazille: A portrait in fifteen canvases

Affiche de l'exposition, Frédéric Bazille, Rencontre en 15 tableaux © Musée Fabre / Montpellier Agglomération

20 May 2001 - 29 November 2001

Born in Montpellier in 1841, Frédéric Bazille was – together with Renoir, Monet, and Sisley – one of the leading figures in modern painting.

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Riviera 1860-1920, Landscapes from the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Genova

31 March 2001 - 29 June 2001

To coincide with events marking France's annual Printemps des Musées, the Musée Fabre has organised an exceptional exchange of works with the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Genova, reflecting the festival theme for 2001: springtime.

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Cubism and the Section d'Or

14 December 2000 - 17 March 2001

Conceived and born in the studios of Braque and Picasso, in 1905, Cubism attracted every leading artist of the modern school: Léger, Gris, the Duchamp brothers, Picabia, Archipenko, Gleizes, Metzinger, and Marcoussis, all of whom founded the group known as the Section d'Or ("the Golden Section") in 1912.

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Bonnard and Marquet: Four masterpieces from the Musée de Besançon

14 September 2000 - 13 January 2001

To coincide with France's annual Journées du Patrimoine ("Heritage Days"), the Musée Fabre has chosen to spotlight its relatively little-known galleries of 20th century art, with four masterpieces by Bonnard and Marquet, generously loaned by the Musée de Besançon: Bonnard's La place de Clichy and Le Café Au Petit Poucet, and Marquet's Apse of Notre Dame and The Two Friends.

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Sébastien Bourdon, retrospective

6 July 2000 - 14 October 2000

Sébastien Bourdon was born in Montpellier in 1616. He trained in Rome and Paris, and served as court painter to Queen Christina of Sweden. He was one of the most brilliant artists of 17th-century France, but until now has remained one of the very few French painters of his day never to have been granted a major national, historical retrospective.

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